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Vietnam has a long-lasting history with over four thousand years through the ups and downs of history and politics. There are 54 ethnic groups in total and the Kinh is the largest one. All the ethnic groups all over the country live peacefully under a common roof Vietnam. The whole country is divided into three parts: Northern part, Middle part and the Southern one. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam but it is not the biggest city.

Vietnam is a country with special cultures, one of which is the Tet holiday. From the first Dynasty of Vietnam (the Hung King Dynasty), our ancestors celebrated Tet Holiday every year. Tet is the biggest holiday in Vietnam, which is held according to the Lunar Calendar.

Vietnamese people are friendly, intelligent, hard-working and thirsty for moving up. You might think that Vietnam is a small country, but we never step back. Far back in history, we proved it. Throughout the ups and downs of history, we have defeated a lot of strong enemies from different lands. In the wartime, both the French and the USA army became our defeaters.

In conclusion, Vietnam is an extremely attractive place to visit due to such attractions. If people have a chance to visit Vietnam, they will really be impressed by the interesting things in Vietnam.

Here are the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam, please come here discover and experience it!

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